Ministry of Magic

Leticia Hsu
Grand Sorceress

With over 18 years experience in the events arena, Leticia is the driving force behind Events Wizard. Pooling together the resources of other qualified and like-minded individuals, she was the founder of Events Wizard.

A highly motivated individual with a drive to succeed, this ultra creative and demanding entrepreneur is a favorite among our top clients.

Leticia has a Bachelors of Science Degree in International Business and an Associate Membership in the Association of Business Executives. She has adapted her skills learned during her academic years to the working environment successfully. She has also spent some time in the corporate sector and other events firm.

Her vast experience and passion for creating successful events have helped her and her team, create a new dimension in events management in Malaysia.

Loh Tjun Hong
Grand Wizard

A veritable perfectionist has, in fact, made him a dynamic and knowledgeable individual and the perfect pillar of strength of Events Wizard.

Tjun Hong holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Operations Management and an Associate Membership in the Association of Business Executives where he graduated with academic excellence. A high achiever since his schooldays, his accomplishments in both sports and academic lines have made him a strong and level-headed individual. He has been in the events industry for over 18 years and is still rearing to go.

With his calm demeanor and excellent communication skills, Tjun Hong has the ability to relate to people, which make the transfer of knowledge, ideas, and needs of the client highly effective.

Both our Directors have strived and succeeded in taking Events Wizard to where it is now, one of the reputable event management companies in town. In our first year, Events Wizard has already strong clientele backing and the positive momentum has near stopped since.

We as Wizards will ensure that our spells (quality of work) and concoctions (creativity) are optimum at all times, that is why we make ourselves accountable and responsible for our magic. We operate on a personalised, yet efficient and effective team of magical people who are supported by other freelance magicians in their own realm. We foresee that with your needs and our ideas, together we can almost predict the future. “A Magical Event”

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